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Self Checkout Markets

Markets are the newest and most versatile refreshment service available today.  These custom retail convenience stores feature contactless self checkout kiosks and are custom built to the needs of your business.  Any size, any products, and completely accessible at anytime. We will work directly with you to create a custom market tailored to your needs and requirements. 


Once in place, we will keep it stocked with your employees' favorite items ranging from lunch and snack items, to drinks, and ice cream!
Our technology enables us to know exactly what products need to be replenished at each service.


Why Markets?


Markets offer no limit on variety.


We will create a custom market experience for your employees needs and wants.


Unlike traditional cafeterias, markets require little to no maintenance costs on your end.  We take care of everything.


Market sizes are 100% customizable.  They can range in size from a small shelf and/or small cooler to an entire room of shelves, coolers, and freezers!

Employee Benifit

Markets are a fantastic way to attract new employees.  Imagine showing potential employees your brand new, state of the art, self service, convenience store right inside your own breakroom.

Healthy Options

Fresh and healthy options for your employees, including sandwiches, wraps, and entrees, supplied daily.  All provided through our USDA approved commissary


24/7 market access.

Payment Options

Make check out easier with a variety of payment options.

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